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Programme/Course Structure

As per National Policy and academic practices, the University has adopted a Credit Semester system for MCA programme with effect from Academic Year 2020-21. The number of credits earned by the students reflects their level of proficiency attained in the intended outcomes of the course. The curriculum comprises of courses at different levels:

  • Bridge Courses (for students from non-IT background) (No Credits)
  • Core Courses
  • Employability Training Course
  • Courses of Independent Study

The curriculum offers 26 courses with a total credit of 90.

Bridge Course:It is imperative to provide a bridge course for the MCA aspirants from streams other than BSc CS and BCA. For the Bridging Programme, a maximum of 40 hours is allotted. Seven courses with a specific number of hours allotted for completion are given in the detailed syllabus. All affiliated colleges are required to complete the course within the stipulated time and conduct the exam. The Principal /Director/Head of the Department shall ensure the completion of the bridge course before the candidate applies for the first semester exam.

Core Courses:Core courses comprises 13 theory papers, 7 practical papers, Mini Project ,Seminar, Main Project & Course Viva. Two courses in Semester 3 are elective each having 4 options. Component Marks Score in the Entrance 70% Examination Marks in the Qualifying 20% examinations Personal Interview 10% Total 100% Programme Structure & Syllabus MCA 2020

Employability Skill Training Course: Two courses of one credit each are included for Employability Skill Training with an aim to enhance aptitude and reasoning ability of students that will make them capable of securing a job with any recruiter.

Seminar:The Seminar paper included in Semester 4 is intended to make students aware of the Current /Future trends related to Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Computer Application. Students should do a detailed study on the topic approved by the guide and present it before the evaluation committee. The Seminar is evaluated internally by the College and hence the class average marks collectively should not exceed 80%.

Project: As part of the curriculum, all students will have to carry out a Mini Project in the third semester and a Main Project in the fourth semester. Plagiarism would not be accepted under any circumstances. A faculty will be assigned as a guide for each student. The Guide should be a person having at least 3 years of Academic / Industry experience and should be from the Computer Science or IT background.

Course Viva: A Viva-Voce Examination will be conducted in the 4th Semester which is a comprehensive evaluation of what has been learned through the entire MCA programme. Students will be evaluated through all core subjects of the MCA programme.

Course Viva: Students will have to complete an online certification course related to IT and approved by AICTE/UGC/ MG University by the end of semester 3. The purpose of the course is to encourage self-learning among students. The certifícate should be presented before the examiners during the Course Viva and 25 % mark of Course Viva is set apart for the same.